Atomino is a puzzle-game, loosely based on the jigsaw puzzle concept, except it can be completed with different arrangements of the pieces (atoms). The game is played against the clock, with other constraints added later to ramp up the difficulty.

The objective in the game is to combine atoms into molecules in such a way as to leave no "orphan" atoms. Each atom has a valance (look it up ) of one to four, i.e. they can combine with one, two, three, or four other atoms. A complete molecule is defined simply as a structure of atoms in which there are no more free combinations. In each level, you must create a specified number of molecules from (randomly generated) atoms to move on to the next level. A very interesting game that is more original than you think. Also gets incredibly addictive in later levels when your screen quickly fills up with atoms.

The basic goal is to build the required number of Atoms, initially on a clean board. The number and size of the required atoms increase on later levels, as do elements on the board that limit where you can build. Pressure to complete the task is in the form of the stack of atoms you are supplied with. New atoms are regularly added to this stack, so if you don't use them quick enough the stack fills up and the game ends.