August 18th (2007)

We have a new game ! Finally ! At long last ! And about ruddy time too !!!

Phoenix ... The classic Amastar arcade game has now been remaked.

Jump over to its own page for screenies and to download this game.


September 3rd(2006)

The Retro Remakes 2006 competition is finally over. And now you get to see the results of 3 months work !

Introducing .... Star Wars. This game (I hope) is pretty faithfull to the original, but wil full rendered 3D graphics.

I can`t think of much else to say as the three months dev work on this project has wiped me out, but you should enjoy playing it as much as I did writing it.


March 18th (2006)

FWOW ! 5 months and this is the first update. Oh well, better late than never. But it does go to show that I do update stuff from time to time.

Anyway, you may or may not have noticed a new section (on the menu on the left). Its to the "WHATNOT" section. Basically this is just a bits and bobs bit. Anything that doesnt deserve its own catagory, or is not an arcade remake, is placed here. Stuff I feel the general public would like to play and try etc.

Anyways, we have 2 items so far. The first is Mini Arcade. This was a project I wrote yonks ago, but I have had out cries to get it up here for all to play. So here it is. Its basically 8 remakes in 1 game. Its also gotta be the worlds smallest arcade, with the game play area no bigger than 32x32 pixels (the size of a standard ICON). Hop over to WHATNOTS, download it and check it out for yourself !

The second item on offer is a game I wrote for a mini competition to write a Game N Watch style game. This is my take on CENTIPEDE, and its in a VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) format - Like Astro Wars (Grandstand) or Galaxy Invader 1000 (CGL). The whole this is meant to look like a game created by ENTEX, and I think it works pretty well. Its just a shame it was never real, as I think it would have outsold all there other VFD games.

Anyways, until the next update (Prolly 6 months from now) enjoy


October 23rd

Finally got round to sorting out Atomino. So here it is.

Its fully playable with about 200+ levels (I haven`t tried them all, but If you do and there isn`t let me know.)


October 9th


After nearly 2 years being away, we`re back.

Site has had minor cosmetic improvements, and a few new games added. Look out soon for new stuff real soon.